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Tax Credits

Tax Credits are a Savvy Way to Donate!

Maryland State Community Investment Tax Credits are awarded to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations working in priority areas to serve those in need. Tax credits allow nonprofits to offer incentives to raise contribution levels and attract new donors. In return, donors receive not just federal and state charitable deductions but also tax credits against their total Maryland State tax bill. This results in substantial tax savings.

Call us at 410-533-3847 or email info@seeds4success.org to inquire

Tax Credits FAQs

Must I use all my tax credits this year?
You have 2 years to use them and may carry the remainder in year 2.

Can I donate stocks?
Yes! You can make a donation by check or by donating stock  If you give appreciated stock, you avoid paying capital gains on that stock. To donate stock, please contact our broker:

Jill M. Swanson
U.S. Boston Capital Corporation
P: 781-259-0249

National Financial Services LLC
DTC # 0226
Seeds 4 Success
NFS A/C# RDN-500004

What is the minimum donation amount?
$2,500 is the minimum donation amount.

What will my donation support?
Your donation will support our mission of helping children from low-income communities achieve success in school and life.

When is the deadline to donate?
This opportunity is open to our donors until we run out of tax credits to offer. We have a limited amount each year. To ensure we have some remaining please call the main office at 410-533-3847.

Can I use the tax credits in another state?
No. The opportunity is open to Maryland residents only.

Is there a maximum donation amount?

Whom may I contact if I have more questions?
Please contact our main office at 410-533-3847 or email info@s4sannapolis.org

What to do next?
Call our main office at 410-533-3847 or email info@s4sannapolis.org to ensure we have tax credits remaining for the year. Once verified, we will mail you a simple tax credit agreement to complete and mail back with your check payment. Close to the end of the year, you will receive a notice on how to include the tax credits and deductions in your tax filing.