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S4S Staff Helps HACA Summer Campers!

Eastport Girls Club staffers have been collaborating this summer with Ms. Tippy (Site Manager of Eastport Terrace/Harbour House’s youth services program) to provide Friday morning activities for young girls at HACA’ summer camp program. Sessions have focused on reading engagement and increasing emotional regulation and social skills. Each session had a reading component using a book about self-esteem, expressing feelings, or friendship.

Next, the children do a physical or craft activity practicing those skills. At one session they read Today I Feel Silly and Other Moods that Make My Day by Jamie Lee Curtis. They completed an art activity about their own feelings and shared them with the rest of the group.

Justine Muyu, S4S Child and Family Support Director reflected on the program:

“All had a wonderful time and asked when we were coming back. From this group, Ms. Tippy has identified 7 girls who reside in HACA communities whom she felt would be a good match for Eastport Girls Club. They all attend Tyler Heights Elementary.”

HACA Summer Campers